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6 Books That Will Help You Sell in 2017

You don’t need a book to tell you that successful sales start with a well prepared and confident team. Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of resources to help. The question is, where to start? We compiled the holy grail of reading material that every sales team needs to keep their pipelines full and close deals. Written by the influencers and moguls of the sales world check out our full list below.


by Oren Klaff


Hardcover: 240 pages

Whether it’s a securing a deal, intriguing investors, or negotiating a salary raise, Klaff’s method is fail-proof. Discussing effective communicating tactics utilizing scientific research, Klaff created the exclusive STRONG method of pitching: Setting the Frame, Telling the Story, Revealing the Intrigue, Offering the Prize, Nailing the Hookpoint, and Getting a Decision. Upon finishing Pitch Anything, you will find yourself with a deeper understanding of how people communicate and exactly what it takes to effectively engage and persuade your audience.

Amazon Rating: 4.6 (from 510 reviews) Best Seller



by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson

challenger-saleHardcover: 240 pages

Investigating skills, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge most tied to high performance and sales volumes, Dixon and Adamson developed 5 profiles: Hard Workers, Challengers, Relationship Builders, Lone Wolves, and Reactive Problem, however only one will rise above the rest. The challenger. Packed with information to help you identify which profile you fit into, who is the challenger in your company, and then how to implement the challenger tactics throughout your sales techniques, your sales team is sure to benefit from this refreshing attitude change towards attacking sales like a challenger.

Amazon Rating: 4.4 (from 454 reviews)



by Dan Pink


Paperback: 272 pages

To Sell Is Human scrutinizes the role of sales throughout history and explains how previous tried-and-true sales methods are now dead. In an ever-changing world where every consumer is now an educated one, Pink gives us new and updated sales techniques that relate to us on a human level. He breaks down preconceived notions about selling and reinvents them, making them accessible to the both the low-ticket and high-ticket item salesperson. To Sell is Human brings us the art of sales through basic human interactions and personal experiences and shows us just how seamlessly sales can fit into our day-to-day lives.

Amazon Rating: 4.4 (from 640 reviews)


by Keith Rosen

coaching-salespeopleHardcover: 352 pages

Take your sales team to the next level with Rosen’s award winning method of team training / building. This #1 best-selling sales coaching book is packed with case studies, coaching templates and questions to be utilized in your training, and even a 30-day turnaround strategy for underperformers; suitable for coaching any up and coming sales people. Coaching Salespeople outlines the nationally recognized method of building and coaching a successful and highly authoritative sales team.

Amazon Rating: 4.7 (from 103 reviews)



by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

predictable-revenue-book-front-cover-072911-hiresPaperback: 213 pages

Aaron Ross is well known for the sales process he created which increased’s revenue by $100 million. Providing real world examples on prospecting, lead generation and best sales practices for the new economy, Ross and Tyler explain the importance of getting rid of the “Always be Closing” attitude and moving into the “Is there a fit” model for closing sales. Additionally discussing the traps sales people fall into when prospecting and pitching, this book is a valuable asset to anyone working with a high volume of leads and prospects.

Amazon Rating: 4.3 (from 293 reviews)



by Nicholas A.C. Read & Stephen J. Bistritz

51uvopj21rlHardcover: 240 pages

Selling to the C-Suite is the ideal read for any sales person looking to close large deals with C level executives. Nicholas Read and Stephen Bistritz conducted in-depth interviews with over 500 company’s executive level decision makers for their advice on proven tactics for closing multi-million dollar deals. Inside you’ll find advice on how to identify your level of sales proficiency, what pitch level to use, and then how to close the knowledge gap. Also delving into exactly what role executives play in decision making with practical advice on how to frame your pitch – this book is invaluable to a sales person with a hunger for big deals.

Amazon Rating: 4.5 (from 61 reviews)



 Happy and productive reading.



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    December 19, 2016 - 2:16 pm

    Great read, thanks

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    March 9, 2017 - 2:43 am

    Great read,

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